Social Media at ASN Events


Utilising social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is potentially a great way to maximise the return on your event investments.

Social media is an excellent way to help create greater awareness, interest, and registrations prior to your event. It can act as another means whereby you can market your event to potential delegates, presenters and other stakeholders.

During your event you can use social media to increase the level of involvement of your delegates with the variety of conference activities on offer.

You can also gain invaluable market research information from your attendees about what they like, dislike and want in the future. This makes organising future events much easier and more productive.

Used properly, social media can deliver you with a win-win-win situation – you gain greater number of attendees (live or online) for your event, your delegates get greater benefits from their registration dollar, and your presenters gain greater audience participation.

But used poorly social media can harm your event.

Following are some key aspects to consider before you start.

Prior to your event:

  1. If you are using a site like Facebook, set up a unique conference page that accurately reflects the look, feel and overall professionalism of your event. It should complement your website and conference literature.
  2. You should assign someone to actively monitor the site, update it with any news and respond in a timely fashion to any comments/questions etc.
  3. Encourage as many people as possible to contribute content, news, opinions etc to the page. The more content delivered by a diverse group makes your site interesting and it will generate new converts.

During your event:

  1. Many events now utilise Twitter to get instant feedback from attendees. Whilst this can be helpful it needs to be carefully managed and all stakeholders, especially presenters, need to be involved in the process. Be aware that some ‘tweets’ can be less than complimentary.
  2. Again, designating a person to administer the Twitter feeds is ideal so as to gain greatest benefit.

ASN Events has an indepth understanding of the use, and misuse, of social media at events. Contact us to discuss the what’s, how’s, why’s and where’s of social media to make your next event a great success.

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